HOMEDevelopment History



Export Department Move To Cangzhou City

In order to introduce more excellent foreign trade talents, Cangzhou Xintong import and export trade company move to Cangzhou City from factory.


Export 50 containers per month

In 2012, an average of 50 containers per month were exported to India, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Laos, etc.


International certification

In the process of rapid development of the company, HGFF company puts the quality of products in the first place, establishes its own laboratory, from raw material purchase to production to spray paint, and finally packages them. Each step is strictly carried out in accordance with the international product quality management system, and every product quality is well controlled.


Establishment of Steel Tube Workshop

In 2008, the company began to operate various types of steel pipes and established its own storage warehouse.


Start using exhibitions to develop overseas markets

Since 2006, we have participated in Canton Fair twice a year, and in some countries, we have started to develop our agents.


Exports amounted to $11.5 million

In 2005, we undertook many major international projects. In Saudi Arabia, Russia, Ukraine, Qatar, the United States, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, etc., we not only provided them with high-quality products but also related technical services.


Entering Overseas Market

In 2004, Cangzhou Xintong Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. was established. We started to open up overseas markets and promote our products on Alibaba Platform, Google and other platforms. The annual export volume was 4.28 million US dollars.


Annual output value of 70 million RMB

After two years of efforts, the factory has been expanded again, with a total area of 340,000 square meters and an annual output value of 70 million RMB.


Build factory in 1999 Year

In 1999, Cangzhou Haoguan Pipe Fittings Co., Ltd. began to build a factory with an area of 200,000 square meters, four production lines, 112 employees and 5 engineers.

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